At VRC Enterprise, we take pride in offering a diverse array of comprehensive services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.
Mechanical Construction

Instrumentation & Electrical

Specialty Trade Contractors

Mechanical Construction

With our company roots as a mechanical construction contractor, our team’s experience in this space span four decades and multiple continents.
VRC has the human resources to consistently complete a majority of the construction scope with highly qualified VRC personnel. This attribute allows us to be efficient from a scheduling aspect, cost-competitive for our stakeholder partners, and have full control and responsibility for the outcome of our projects. Our project team leaders perform well with control over safety, cost, quality, and the schedule of each project resulting in a predictable and successful outcome for our clients. We are also able to complete single discipline areas of scope for our clients on projects when requested.

Our typical scope of service includes the following:

Compressor Station Builds

Amine Treaters

SWD Systems

Site maintenance – security, receiving/ warehousing

Concrete and rebar

Structural steel fabrication and erection

Equipment setting and grouting

Pipe fabrication and installation


Instrumentation & Electrical

Our I&E team has over 70 years of combined experience and has successfully handled most challenges that naturally arise during projects.

Our team specializes in:

MCC Buildings

Low and Medium voltage power distribution systems, switchgear, and motor control centers

PLC and DCS systems

Cabling and raceway systems



System testing

Automation upgrades


Security systems



Our 14,000 square foot fabrication shop can produce welded piping tailored to our clients’ designs to ensure the structural integrity and durability of our clients’ respective asset systems.

Additionally, our panel fabrication personnel can provide a wide array of custom-built panel enclosures, including:

Switch Racks

PLC Enclosures

Battery Enclosures

Communication Enclosures

UPS DC & AC Enclosures

Custom Builds

Specialty Trade

The energy and heavy industrial sectors have unique service needs at each of their cores. VRC is a team of experts who consistently partner with our clients to provide these services and solutions.

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